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Total30® Monthly Lenses

TOTAL30® are the first and only monthly lenses with almost 100% water at the surface. Your eyes are only touched by a gentle cushion of moisture.²-⁴ This means that you can enjoy incredible comfort the whole month long.¹ Recommended for people who want ultimate comfort from their contact lenses.

Water gradient technology for nearly 100% water content on the lens surface2,3*

With almost 100% water content at the lens surface, your eye is only touched by a gentle cushion of moisture.2-4

The unique surface of TOTAL30®

These lenses resist deposits, ensuring they are just as clean after a month as they were on the first day.2-5†**

Feel the joy of nothing

With TOTAL30® contact lenses, you can enjoy wearing the lens that feels like the joy of nothing, even on day 301!
Incredible comfort – all month long
With TOTAL30®, enjoy the highest level of comfort the whole month, from day 1 to day 30.1

Caring for the TOTAL30® monthly lenses

Once you have your contact lenses, care is incredibly easy. At the end of each day, you should take the TOTAL30® lenses out, clean them and store them in a contact lens case filled with solution. Then they’re always ready for the next wear.

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