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Abnormal symptoms

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What you need to pay attention to

Burning, stinging and very red eyes are all alarming signs that should be taken notice of, as are foggy vision and strong foreign body sensations. Irrespective of whether they occur after a certain period of time or only when you’re coming towards the end of the maximum permitted wearing time, all these symptoms should be taken seriously if they occur, and you should take your contact lenses out. Experiencing some of the aforementioned symptoms does not mean that you’re not able to tolerate contact lenses, just that you’ve probably exceeded the maximum wearing time and/or that the lenses you’re currently wearing are not perfectly suited to your eyes. You may need to change or exchange your contact lenses.

Burning, scratching and strong foreign body sensations

If any of these symptoms occur just after you have inserted your contact lenses, it could be because

  • The lenses have not been cleaned properly.

  • The lenses have been contaminated by cosmetics, dirt, nicotine or pharmaceuticals.

  • A foreign body such as a dust particle, fibre or eyelash has got caught between the lensand the eye.

  • The contact lens is defective.

  • The contact lens has been inserted inside out.

  • The contact lens has not been stored in a suitable solution.

What you can do

Remove the contact lens immediately in all these cases and check it for any defects. Next, wash your hands again and reinsert the lens. If the lens is defective, do not use it again.